5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Corporate Holiday Party 

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The holidays will be here before you know it and we're here to help you plan the ultimate holiday event. Whether you are planning your first post-COVID-19 corporate event, or planning a corporate event you have every year, below are 5 things we know that helps to maximize your corporate team building. There are certain things that everyone knows but if you are planning a company retreat or something fun for your team, think about these five things to make the most out of your holiday party.

From early stages to small details on the day, these five things help to cover all your bases. Click HERE to learn more about the packages we offer at Wonderfly Arena for your Holiday Party options!

1. Location, Location, Location

Ultimately, your office holiday party is a team building outing. The idea is to build comradery among employees and help to celebrate the year that you all had together. If you have a team of 5 people or a team of 500 people, giving people a space to get out of the office and have some good fun is a necessity. Holiday Parties are also some of the most looked forward to events for most employees. Studies show that 87% of companies that prioritize employee engagement have a higher retention rate. [View the full article here]

When choosing where to do your corporate event, the venue you pick is everything. It should be off-site. Corporate off-site team building is something that helps to have the biggest ROI on the money you are spending for these events. Getting people out of the office to do these activities helps them to feel more relaxed and more at ease. Don’t do the classic “Party Planning Committee” conference room holiday party. Take your team somewhere fun and memorable that they won’t forget.

With 13,000 sq ft of space and operating as a fully private event space, Wonderfly Arena can host groups from 10-300 people all at once. Wonderfly’s all-inclusive packages include private arena access, game play, tables and seating, free on-site parking, dedicated staff to make sure everything runs smoothly, and so much more. They can even assist with catering, transportation and more!

hamsterball birthday party
arrow tag birthday party
Business men and women socializing and networking They are explaining their companies to other individuals
Presentation area with projector, charts, tables, chairs, water bottles, notepads, and lights
Crowd of people listen to business man teach them about the information on the projector behind him.

2. Timing

So when do you start this planning process? What should you be knocking out first and what’s most important? Where do you even start?! The planning process is one of the biggest hurdles in getting an incredible office party planned. In order to alleviate any stress you have on the day, start your planning process early. One of the biggest ways to help this is finding a team that is able to take the time to hear what you need and work with you to create something incredible.

Wonderfly Arena offers all sorts of support in your planning process. From catering help and recommendations, to help in gathering employee gifts or creating a good timeline, with 20+ years experience in the event industry, we are here to help anyone with where they are in the process.

Call today to see what option might be best for you. 
Bar mitzvah dance floor with black lights and neon colors

3. Don’t Do It Alone

One of the biggest things you can do is to surround yourself with a team of people who are there to help you. Start with the people in your company. Ask for what people want to do, gather opinions, and take time to get a pulse of what your employees want for their own holiday party. Ultimately it is about supporting them so they should have a say in it.

Once you have that, take that information to someone who has the industry experience to interpret and apply that. Wonderfly works with you on every step of the way because we know how important a good team is. We take the information you have and work with you to curate a package that gives you and your team everything they want.

Take the time to ask key decision makers their opinions on things and let their voices be heard. 

4. Make It Fun

The people coming to your holiday party are your employees. Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, they will think this is still work. And at Wonderfly Arena we have found the cure to conquering that roadblock. Work should be fun. Entertain corporate clients and colleagues in a very non-corporate way. No matter the personality, size or location of your group, we’ll help you create the perfect holiday party experience.

With all sorts of unique games and experiences, we know that we can have your team leaving feeling more connected and more excited to be working. We transform simple physical experiences into a robust team party activities that are perfect for your holiday event or company Christmas party. Our holiday game enhancements will ad a festive, high-energy touch to your event.

From BubbleBall to Hamster Balls, Archery Tag or Cosmic Dodgeball, we have all sorts of different experiences to really truly upgrade your party to take it to that next level. We offer two different event spaces, and all sorts of things that will get your group to play more, and work less for a few hours. 

Turf field with arrow tag, bubble ball, zorb hamster balls, blacklight dodgeball, and gaga pit

5. Do it more than once a year

Now this tip is a little different. I’m not saying throw more than one company holiday party a year (because that just would not make sense). What we are saying here is that you should be taking time to plan and execute ways to celebrate your team and thank them more than once a year. Set aside a separate budget for team building activities, plan in advance, try to get everyone together once a quarter or have a calendar of fun things to do with people once a month. It doesn’t need to be a huge party every time, but when employees feel as though their employer cares about their well being and their personal health, they will be more engaged in their day-to-day work.

A recent trend are having different companies create a ‘culture committee’ which is taking someone form each different department or division of your company and having them meet to plan ways to boost your corporate culture. Having someone who is involved in different roles planning these things is necessary when thinking of how to care for the people in different departments. 

Get Started Today

Ultimately, your office holiday party is something that everyone looks forward to. Wonderfly Arena offers a ton of different packages and will leave your employees thinking “this is so much better than I thought it’d be”. It’s like a scene from “Office Christmas Party’ but all the good stuff. A fun memory created and shared with the people who sit across from each other everyday.

To learn more about Wonderfly Arena’s Holiday packages, call today or send am email to aaron@wonderflyhq.com. We have an incredible team on standby waiting to assist you with any and all the help you need! Feel free to check out our Corporate Guide or give us a call at (410) 261-4494 today!