frequently asked Questions

General Stuff

How does a rental work?

How early can I arrive for my party? 

Can I bring outside food, drinks, and party supplies?

How many people can play?

Are there add-ons?

Is gratuity included or should I tip? 

Is it safe?

Booking & Payment

How do I book?

How much does it cost?

Can I book multiple activities for the same event?

How does the deposit work?

How does the payment work?

How does rescheduling work?

Can I cancel my event for a full refund?

Event Options

What types of parties/events do you host?

Can I host my Special Event at the Arena?

How does a Gaming Party work?

How does a Arena Party work?

How does a Glow party work?

Game Information

Bubble Ball

Arrow Tag

Hamster Balls

Nerf Wars

Virtual Reality