Indoor Activities Ideas for Kids in Baltimore

Indoor games for kids are proven way to bring smiles, laughs, and even new friends. Indeed, your kids deserve one. In case you are planning for birthday party, events for kids, or just want to have fun with your little ones, you must visit Wonderfly Arena.

Looking to plan a fun kids birthday party? Wonderfly Arena is Baltimore’s newest hot spot for exciting indoor activities. In this article, we are going to show you some of the games that are available at Wonderfly Arena. Let’s begin!

1. Bubble Soccer

How to play Bubble Soccer
The players must place themselves inside some plastic bubbles called Knocker Ball. Then, they try to put goal in the opposite goal while their opponents try to knock them by crashing them. Of course, all this in a safe way since the players do not suffer physical damage since they are protected by the bubble.

It is Extreme Fun
The bubble used in this game is a flexible plastic sphere filled with air and with a cylinder in the middle. That is where the player is placed. It has braces and two handles, which allows the effort to control the ball easier. There are in two sizes mainly for adults and children to play. The Knocker Ball protects the player from the impacts they receive and make Bubble Soccer a very safe activity.
Bubble soccer can be played in all kinds of celebrations: birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties, corporate events, and more!

A fresh take on one of Baltimore’s favorite indoor activities
The game first gained traction circa 2011 in Norway when a video was broadcast on the Golden Goal program in which this peculiar way of playing football was shown. Of course, the activity became a boom in Europe and has grown by leaps and bounds across the European continent since then, to such a degree that national tournaments between universities are already held in countries like Spain. 

2. Arrow Tag

Arrow Tag is a combination of speed, precision, teamwork, skill and strategy. It combines archery, paintball and dodgeball all into one fast paced game! You are equipped with a low tension bow and foam tipped arrows. The launch characteristics are similar to those of real arrows. However, the hits are painless. Protective mask are of course provided for additional safety.

How to Play Arrow Tag
There are always two teams against each other. These can be four or five individuals.

The Classic Game
To start, each team starts on their sides end-line. The bows are lying on the ground in front of them with the arrows spread across center field. When signaled, both teams run, grab as many arrows as they can, and run for cover.
The goal is to hit the players of the opposing team and thus turn off - or shoot out all five spots on a target/ disc in the opponent's field. Who is hit by an arrow or whose arrow is caught by the opponent, is out. However, he may return to the field when a team member shoots out a target on the target.

Capture the flag
The field is open. Every team has a flag in their station. In Berlin, it's called the handball goal.
The goal is to dismantle the opposing flag and bring it to its own station and not to be shot down by the opponent. If you hit the flag in your hand, you have to drop it and you're out. Won who has both flags in his station.

3. NERF Wars

NERF blasters have been a childhood staple for generations. Wouldn’t it be nice to play in a place that is really big and where nothing can break? Our indoor game field at Wonderfly Arena is available to accommodate large groups with this fun game.
The recommended age is 8 years to play NERF together with your friends and siblings.

How to Play NERF Wars
NERF weapons are great for any occasion and can be played in casual or tactical showdowns They are loaded with soft foam ammunition which are fired by springs to be pre-tensioned or electrically powered and have a range of up to 25 meters. The name NERF, which stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam, derives from these darts. Children, teenagers and adults use NERF for a variety of different games, which are often played in groups against each other. An employee will referee each game, making sure everyone is playing fair and safe, allowing parents to relax with peace of mind knowing their kids are being supervised.

Here are some game variants:

The Raid
Each team starts at a base and has a container with 3 balls. The goal is to take balls from the opponent's bucket and put them in their own bucket in the base. The team that has the most balls in its bucket after the passage of time wins. Balls that are not in a bucket when time runs out count for neither team.
A player may only transport one ball at a time. If he is hit during transport, he must drop the ball on the spot, go to his base and touch the back wall before he can continue playing. Any other player may then continue transporting the ball that was dropped.

Team Match
Each team starts in its base. If a player is hit, he must clearly keep his blaster up so that each player can see that this player is eliminated. The player has to go back to his base and stay there until the end of the round.
The team makes 1 point if it manages to hit all players from the other team. After the point has been awarded, the teams go back to their starting positions and the round is re-played. This game requires good team play and also a high degree of fairness of the players.

You play as teams against each other. The goal is to steal the team flag from the opposing team and bring it into their own base. If a player is hit, he must go back to his base. Only when he has touched the wall there may he back into the field again. If the flag bearer is hit, he must drop the flag directly. The flag that has been dropped may only be picked up by the team that owns the flag and carried back to their own base. The team that succeeds in conquering the flag first gets 1 point. The team that collects the most points has won.

4. Hamster Ball

One of our biggest attractions at Wonderfly Arena is our giant inflatable hamster balls. You’ve probably seen these before on TV game shows or the state fair, but now you can try them out for yourself! These 10ft tall orbs are great for the whole family to try out. Similar to our bubble balls, the giant hamster balls allow for all sorts of rolling, racing, bouncing and bumping, while safely inside the cushioned ball. If you have good balance, you can stand up inside and walk which will propel the ball forward. Make sure to stay focused though, if the ball gets rolling faster than your feet realize you may tumble and do a somersault. Falling in a hamster doesn’t hurt however, it feels similar to a bounce house or an air mattress so be ready to get back up and give it another try. You can also have your friends and family help roll you, and we always have on-hand staff to assist with this as well as getting in and out. 

Wonderfly Arena has its own inflatable racetrack setup made specifically for hamster ball racing. Race against your friends to see who can make it to the end and back first while getting over obstacles and avoiding getting blocked by your opponent. 

5. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been one of the hottest topics in the tech industry this year and it’s for a good reason. Virtual Reality is much more than just a gaming console gimmick, it provides an experience that is quite literally, out of this world! Over recent years VR has been improving at a rapid rate and has gotten to a point where the virtual world is borderline indistinguishable from the real world. One of the best VR headsets on the market is the HTC-Vive Pro, which we have at Wonderfly Arena. Paired with some of the best VR games out there, Wonderfly provides a premiere VR experience. You don’t have to consider yourself a gamer to enjoy yourself in VR. Even if you have never played a single video game in your life, virtual reality provides an epic experience without needing to learn crazy controls or button combos. We have a variety of games for both casual and competitive types. The motion hand controllers map your hands and arms into the virtual dimension and allows your to physically walk around the room and your movements will be mirrored in game. This makes the experience incredible intuitive and easy to pick up.

6. Glow Parties

Every Friday we host a Glow Night. On Glow Nights the arena is filled with black-lights and lasers that transform the arena into a whole new experience. Make sure to wear lots of neon colors and white to glow light a nightlight while participating in our arena activities. After you outfit yourself in glow-sticks and neon tape, you’re ready to hit the field. One of the glow night favorites isOur neon dodgeballs glow like stars in the night and are easy to see in the dark. Our hamster and bubble balls are also specially outfitted to glow. 

The Wonderfly Difference

The Best Indoor Playground in Baltimore
At last, Wonderfly Arena is your best choice if you are looking for indoor playground in MD area. If you are considering looking for a fun, safe and creative plan for your child this weekend, we propose that together you enjoy the experience of spending a day in a children's playground. The covered playgrounds are a great choice for leisure and have great advantages compared to outdoor parks.

Surely, you've ever visited a playground with your child on the occasion of a birthday or a gathering of friends. This becomes one of the favorite destinations of the little ones, since they see it as an option to have fun and create stories without limits.

It is an opportunity to meet other children and develop their social skills and abilities. If the day is rainy you have no doubts, but even if it is sunny, we want to explain why choosing a covered playground is the best leisure option for your children rather than choosing to spend the day at an outdoor playground.
Security: It is perhaps the most striking advantage of covered playgrounds. Many parents choose them for the peace of mind that tells them to know that their children are in an enclosed area, perfectly conditioned and monitored by monitors. The risk of suffering mishaps is lower. In addition, the materials of these parks are usually padded to ensure the least damage to your child in case of an unexpected fall or blow.

The Benefits of Using Indoor Playground with Wonderfly Arena
Avoid risks: When playing in an outdoor playground, our child can find dangerous or harmful objects for his body if he swallows them. However, in a closed playground, every detail will be thoroughly measured. In addition to cleaning, these enclosures have large objects, avoiding the risk of infection or choking.
  • Always in good weather: Regardless of whether it is raining, the plan will not be suspended. Your child can enjoy, laugh and play without worrying about the weather that day. In addition, by playing in a covered and perfectly air-conditioned enclosure, you will prevent your little one from catching a cold or a flu that would prevent him from going to school on Monday.
  • Development of their skills and abilities: Our little one can laugh, enjoy and learn playing in a covered playground. The great diversity of colors, textures and shapes that you will find will allow you to develop your psychomotor skills and spark your creativity. In the same way, this imagination can also be developed from social relationships with other children, with whom it will share adventures, stories and hours of play. And is that by taking our children to a playground for balls we will perceive how their social and communicative skills They develop notoriously.
  • Learning: Play in closed playgrounds guarantees a continuous learning of our children. In addition to orienting in space and time, they will learn concepts such as right, left, up and down. Your coordination and balance will develop every time you live this experience.
  • Physical exercise: We have talked about the wide range of game opportunities provided by a covered playground, but we cannot forget that our little one will be doing constant physical exercise while having fun playing.
  • Food and rest: Did you know that the game in ball parks whets your appetite? Physical exercise, in addition to reporting a desire to eat, will help them rest better at night, avoiding possible sleep disorders.
  • The ideal place for parents: Unlike outdoor parks, covered playgrounds usually present a catering and leisure service for parents of children, where they can rest, have a drink and share a chat time with others parents.
The game in the playgrounds covered with soft surfaces brings a lot of benefits for the little ones, getting them to meet their fun and game needs.

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