Smash Sunday

Weekly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments at Wonderfly Arena. The $10 venue entry is FREE for first-timers.

Weekly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournaments

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Date: Sunday, August 11, 2019

Prize Pool: $150+ (singles bracket)

Pricing: $10 venue fee | $5 singles tournament fee
*FREE for first timers!

What's Included

• FREE Virtual Reality w/ Vive Pro
• Board/table games
• Pizza available for $2/slice
• Soda available for $1/can
• Wonderfly Arena tour


5:00 PM: Wonderfly Arena opens
5:30 PM: Registration Ends
5:45 PM: ​Rotating Side Bracket
7:00 PM: Singles Begins*
8:30 PM: Doubles Begins

*Schedule subject to change depending on start times. 


Starter Stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smashville, Town & City

Counterpicks: Kalos, Yoshi's Island, Lylat Cruise

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