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Team Building Activities to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is catching a lot of attention from HR professionals. In fact, over the past few years, it has become a key focus area for businesses. And there's a good reason for it as well; it significantly decreases employee turnover (by nearly 25%).

However, the problem is that too many companies are spending resources on tactics that don't work. Still, there are a few good ones out there that can work wonders for your team. Another good idea is to contact a corporate event planner to see what they may suggest.

So if you're looking for some ways to get your employees closer and increase their engagement, check out these corporate team-building activities that can boost productivity and create better bonds.

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Corporate Team Building Activities For Employee Engagement:


Try getting your employees to talk to each other without making it feel forced. This is a tough one, but with the right circumstances, it can be pretty effective.

You can hold an 'achievement' meeting where employees share their social, personal, or work achievements with each other. Receiving congrats and wishes from fellow employees will definitely break the ice.

Indoor Team Building Activities:

One of the best corporate team-building activities to do indoors is organizing a problem-solving session. Here, you create a worst-case scenario related to your company or its services and ask employees to solve it together.

You can also check out private event venues in Baltimore. Many spaces offer plenty of space to either relax with some drinks, meet with your team, and have some fun all in one!

Employees will need each other's expertise to fix the issues along the way and work together as a team.

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Outdoor Activities:

Sometimes all your employees need is to step out of the corporate practices to build engagement because we're all humans, and we can build connections better when we're outside of our work environment.

For this, you can organize competitive co-op games like a scavenger hunt, softball tournament, or even challenge your team to a paintball tournament.

Also think about doing a grill out with some awesome unique experiences or games brought in from someone else. Fun team building games are a great way to create ever lasting memories. 

You can also go for a remote fishing trip or have a fun grilling picnic. Playing together or just sitting outside, talking to each other over food, is a great way to bond.

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Loosen Up Over Games:

Games and fun activities are among the most popular ways to boost engagement in your team. And while it may seem obvious, they're actually a great way to help people connect and bond while sharing a few laughs and giggles.

Wonderfly Arena offers a ton of outside the box ideas for games and activities.

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The most commonly played games include Pictionary or Dumb Charades. However, you can check out 50 office games if you need more options.

Virtual Remote Meets:

This one is kind of a new concept and is mainly used for remote workers, but it is very effective and especially worked well during the pandemic when everyone needed ways to cope.

You can host a casual, social meeting over zoom, where your team can talk to each other and talk about how their week/month was. Your remote employees will feel heard and looked after and know that you remember them - something that boosts one's morale.

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Over to You:

Corporate team building is an incredibly effective way to increase engagement in your team and keep them motivated and engaged in their jobs. It's one of the best techniques to improve productivity, decrease stress, and increase happiness. There are many ways to go about this, and you need to find what works best for your company.

From hosting team lunches and dinners to organizing outdoor game activities or even having team-building retreats, there are a plethora of options. Which one do you think will work best for your employees? Let us know in the comments below!